A Fake Safe

Shall we be safe in a false place
Shall we abandon truth for a familiar face
We dam ourselves with apostasy
Change our name to ichabig
When we depart from the living God

Where does that put America?
We wonder why such trouble has doubled down on our nation
Why progress is overcome with stagnation
While we appear to be safe
All the while we are fake
Seen as a divided nation

Fake in our appearance of peace
Property defined by possessions we don’t even own
Most being minety days from losing their home

It’s the American way –
Create an appearance of safe
Say you’re doing okay
Even though your heart is about to break
From carry this burden to look okay.

We as American are in serious trouble living in bubbles that have names like debt, race, education and political disgrace

But will we?
Has the time of Grace ended?
Do we keep on pretending?

We are in desperate need of a realignment with the one who set us straight to begin with
Only God can remove the fake safe and fix this… only God
I pray we get back under
His loving covering

For the time of reckoning will demand the consequences that will set things straight
We must all give an account
Nows the time to turn around
Remove the fake
Return to the only safe place…
God with or without the USA

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