Slide POETS FOR AMERICA Poems That Inspire Americans Towards Hope, Love & Unity From Poets Throughout America Your words can bring healing to the heart of Americans! Get a seat on the Poets for America Bus!

All over America, we are raising $1.5 million dollars and getting 10,000 volunteers to flood into community centers to volunteer their time, their love and their heart to people. Your support is vital and appreciated as you launch this vision nation-wide.

Thank you so much for choosing to help us spread the word quickly about the Caritas Village Sponsorship Opportunity to raise funds for their Capital Campaign. This short form should take you no more a few minutes to fill out.

Upon entering the potential sponsors information, they will receive a copy of the Sponsorship Guide along with a note from the person entering their information.

Their information will then be forward to the appropriate representative and we will follow up in a professional manner to determine their interest.

The only responsibility for you, is to be sure to leave a simple note and if possible, give them a phone call to let them know we will be calling them. In some cases, it might be best to ask permission before you fill this form out.

NOTE: Your referral DOES NOT have to be local. Our live stream channel can promote any business or person in the world!