Crucible of Transition


Transitions forces positions that demands ones attention
Painful contradictions
That offers no rhyme or reason
As to the reality of the intrusion
Of ideologies, philosophies and the
Selfish orientations that only prove what’s not right

Not in terms of mere opinionated explanations
But rather in real life consequences
Has it become that hard to see the truth?
1 plus 1 will always be 2!

This trip has caused confusion
And therefore created contusions to numerous to mention
America has become black and blue
Being bruised in practically every sector of society
Education, our national debt, race relations and especially the family

There’s simply no explanation as to why our nation is being exposed to this radiation of poison that”s taking its toll

We’ve departed from the old paths of standards that kept such atrocities like this from happening
We’ve ceased to pay attention to the God of this nation that raised us to this place of exaltation

We are in a free fall from the stagnation of compromise to satisfy our own hearts desires
This transition has exposed the leaders of this paradoxical conundrum
Of old failed socialism… habitual liars

For all things good we no longer seem useful
God therefore has placed us in a crucible that will try us sorely
A transition that will prove us deeply

Will America endure and fight for righteousness another day?
Or succumb to the wicked hand of this deceitful grip around her neck?
One answer will determine that

Will the Americans who love America bow their knees
And pray to the God who made this US of A?

Only then will this crucible prove useful
If we fail – this transition will be the end
Of what we use to call our nation

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