Don’t you dare Dwindle

Life can hit you hard
Take the breathe out your lungs
Rattle your brain with strenuous images of insane
Imaginations that tell you to quit

Your life is not legit
To just dwindle away and hide
From the pursuit of why you were made
Made to thrive

What’s up with you?
How dare you talk like that as if
It’s okay
God made you for a destiny
To fulfill a purpose
Before the foundations of the world
It was to be this way

Don’t let the fire in your soul dwindle out to be no more
It is then that you must fight
Resist the lure that’s lying to you
Stand against the pressing wind of the devil whose afraid more so than you think.

Now Arise
And return to your God
The idol you have in your hand
Is that which has dwindled you down
Get up and turn around
For not to many days we must give a full acount of our lives
Our Freedom
Our liberties
Such has been our responsibilities
We must finish strong
Till we behold His face
More brighter than the Sun

We are a finisher
And we never ever ever be a dwindler!

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