Enlarge Our Hearts

Enlarge Our Hearts from Through People on Vimeo.


Enlarge our hearts
Expand our minds beyond the limits of our brains
That constrains us out of fear to maintain
A twisted reasoning that takes us prisoners
In the rusted chains of the insane same way of thinking
We’ve got to go deeper
To save our nation
From the evaporations of hate

The heart of America is fixed
Refuses to move beyond the sick past of yesterday
Hired missionaries keep it that way
They run interference
To create a false appearance
less we realize our hearts are the key to heal our nation

We’ve got no leader
Only men pleasers
That tease us with false humility
No real intent to create harmony
Only false promises that we swallow
proves us gullible
Brings us trouble
Again and again

When will we learn
They are not for us
We are a republic
It is by our voice we live and thrive
Our rights give us power
To remove such people
Who only divide

Our country is not responsible for giving us anything
It provides us opportunity to fulfill our dreams
A republic can only experience it’s liberty and freedom
As it exercises it’s hearts muscle
To love beyond the reasons
of injustice and treason committed with impunity against we its citizens

Legislation and the government
Will never give our country rest
Only weigh us down with another tax
Seek more ways to exact from us
Giving the elite the right to dictate
A false perspective
Through the media
Whose suppose to report the truth
Without fear of threat
It’s the constitution that gives us freedom of the press

We buy it hook line and sinker
None the wiser
We keep up their agenda
Cause we’ve allowed our hearts to surrender
to a false narrative and then we wonder… why

We need intervention
To stop this bleeding
Our heart has become smaller
Our will divided
The tension tangible
Our actions reprehensible
We’ve become cynical, judgmental and accusers of our neighbor

The solution is not another election of a human
Not a army of smart people thinking that will do better
With no healing within the heart
We will all fall apart
The real solution is that America needs the intervention of God!

God has the key to every heart
His power can erase the deep seeded pain
Release the intolerable strain
Uproot the anger that is sweeping our land
Through…. Christ
We can be set free individually

America will not be forever
Her season will surrender to a greater agenda
Only those who would have yielded will be counted worthy
To transition to a new nation that will have no end
A city who streets are made of gold
where peace abides and love overflows
pain, anger, division and any dark intention will be non existent

That’s why America was and why one day she will be no more
To spread truth throughout every nation
God is the only one who can keep us from falling apart
He will do so if we yield to Him to Enlarge our hearts

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