Helping Communities Organizations

We are just now adding this page, so it will be brief. Please revisit often for updates.

There are thousands of community organizations that are in dire need of money, human talent and just help to connect the people that live in our cities and towns across America. With the millions of dollars within government coiffeurs and in religious bank accounts; both political and religious bureaucracy makes it often difficult for these organizations to get vital support and things done.  While many religious organizations and church do tremendous things, the American people can do more outside the church.

It will be WE the PEOPLE who will rise up and give our own money, time and talents to bridge this great divide that is threatening our very fabric of life as Americans.

The Vision

We will raise $1.5 Million dollars to give to these community centers through the Poets for America contest and Heal our Land Symposium.  We will also provoke 10,000 volunteers to get involved and invest their time and talents.


More to come to share with you how we will make this happen.