I Killed a Mosquito

I killed a mosquito in my car
It wanted to suck me dry
Of the blood that gives me life

I slammed it against the windshield with the palm of my hand
He’s still there in my car totally dried
I keep him there to remind me
That I don’t have to be afraid of a pest
That seeks to disturb the rest of my soul
To trouble me that I would have a wreck while I drive down the road

Why have we as a nation allowed an insect to cause us to react
like beast
killing, burning and acting without dignity
Believing we’re better than others
For no reason
Been blinded by pride
Thinking we’re justified by a narrative told us
…It was a lie

It buzzes in our ear
stings us
creates an itch
throws us in a fit
we drive into a ditch
That’s stupid

We fail to see just how small this mosquito is
No real threat
If we simply slammed it against
Our windshield
It’d be dead

We are not that mosquito
But if we let it bite us
we in turn become it
May we kill this blood sucking
contagious Insect
Our souls pest
With the only repellant that give us a strong immunity
It’s potent ingredients are hope, love & unity

Spray it on your heart and share it generously
That mosquito will veer away from you
Instead butterflies will welcome your presence
and so will heaven
for such are the children of God
… now I’ll go ahead and wipe my windshield off

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