Reflect upon the issues of your heart
Found within the chambers of experiences you’ve had in life
Sometime hidden from you
In a crevise so deep
What you see is not true
It’s a mere perception that has set your direction
Controlled your affections
Determine even your orientation
Will even predict your destination

America has subjugated her responsibility
To adapting this travesty
Our country tis of thee
Has lost her passion
Her direction
Her freedom
Her liberty

Only through truth
Rooted in love
Grounded in God
Can what we perceive be true indeed

Proper dialect
Can never interpret what is pure
It must be by faith in God
That our eyes are opened to see

Our job is not to judge, cast blame
only to remain in Him
For He alone has the power to give us
A truthful perception
of what is
what was
and what is to be…
His Will

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