Why are we so easily provoked
Becoming a kind of folk that does not reflect who we really are?

How have we become this way?
What persuaded us as a nation to become a complaining agitated union that thrives on division

We’re destroying instead of building our communities
Rooted in a love that’s founded and grounded beyond the pale, stale, putrid fallen humanity who can’t be what we need
For the heart is sick from the head to its feet

The evidence is beyond mere opinion
When diagnosed the condition is known by its symptoms
Irretible attitude
Impatient no gratitude
Boastful no control
Mean spirited
Even though successful

Yet when tried in the fire we are exposed to be out right pitiful.
With all our abilities as a people
Called Americans
This is actually unbelievable

The remedy will not be what we think it’ll be
Not be found by doing more of “me”
Or even a collective “we”
Thinking our self righteousness knows what to do
Knows what’s best even though for decades we’ve been there and done that

In fact we’re in a vicious cycle of familiarity
Thinking that the common will bring us liberty

we need more than to neutralized or merely pacify
That’s called compromise

America needs to be brought to genuine repentance for her negligence of the trutth
She’ll never be soothed
Will always have the blues

Through repentance she’ll have deliverance without performance

It shall breakforth as the noon day sun
Beecome a free hearted people
No longer bound
Walking with a frown

Being men pleasers
Afraid to take a stand
Or just make a friend

Because our eyes will be turned to Him
Our life been seen as temporal
Our hope turned eternal
We then will understand
Our life is not our own
It belongs to Him

It is in these ways that we as a nation of tribes and people will be stoked
Will arise and.become great perhaps for a season
We then will no longer be a ban of folk who subscribe to fear base living
We now thrive in building safe communities
Abounding in unity

We are a free folk and will never again be… provoked

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