Rage to Roses

There is a Rage within our nation
A swelling of hidden frustrations from seeds of injustices
atrocities justified by twisted philosophies that where simply inhuman

From the history of slavery upon the most glorious of creation
To Systemic in your face racism that creates complication
Of finding community that will celebrate your vision
What’s worse is when that nation fails to pay attention for centuries and still counting

Rage is building an army of disproportioned people whose hearts are bruised
from being used irregardless of their pigmentation
lives being shattered
It’s no wonder oppressed people demand to know their lives matter
To themselves more than others
It’s hard to keep breathing under the cover of “one day my change gone come”

Frederick Douglas spoke words that resound today
He said when any class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither person nor property will be safe

Before that however he makes plan that “where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails”  he was telling us that making lives matters works both ways

We the oppressed have to stand above the oppressor
We have to do and be better
We must stand for all that’s right
Never loose sight of the rights to our nation
But use our freedom to turn the tide in favor of all men
Resist the envy, jealousy and the quest to cause unrest
Lead with hope, love and unity fueled by the force of forgiveness

Lincoln was prophetic in his resolve to fight against slavery
He saw the iniquity of the nation would bring consequences
This principle he chose to stand for
Even at the cost of a bloody civil war
He declared “America will never be destroyed from the outside
If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”

Men of old knew what we still fail to know
Our pride is feeding this rage in the soul
We refuse to recognize that none of us are alone
A nation is responsible for her own
We willfully fall, continue to fail, and will always falter
If we refuse to love our sister and our brother
We are family
We are Americans

The pressure is building
We must address this quiet rage
that can explode to civil unrest
A fire will spread from coast to coast
Unrestrained anger will be out of control

We can correct this
If we commit to a higher way
Be like Jesus and forgive our enemy
Resolve to resist the taking of life
Every soul has the God given right to live
and not die

Rage can be replaced with Rest
If we reset
Rage can be deflated
If we become obligated
to ourselves regardless of the past
We are free from the judgments and acts of society
We see the silver in the clouds and work to make it brighter
for everyone to see

Rage can give birth to roses overnight
When we recognize that our fight is not against each other
But an enemy we can’t see
Evil spirits and principalities
A foe that most don’t know
Or just refuse to believe… exist
It is he who plays the strings of wretched music
Laced with wicked lyrics to get us to become delirious

One word will do
Say to him… Satan, the Lord rebuke you!
It will end the rage…
Heal the wounds
Give us grace
Unite our nation
Arrest the frustration
Restore the vision
of our forefathers like
Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Kennedy
and Abraham Lincoln

Roses are blooming….

Please let me know of any corrections needed. Remember, I’m doing a poem a day, video, editing and interviews. Thanks for your help and support.

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