Silence is Consent

Silence is Consent from Through People on Vimeo.


Where are the Black preachers who taut divine wisdom
Urging their members to give to another agenda
As they teach about forgiveness
What are they doing to set an example
In the face of the rising rage in our nation

They consent to the destructive behavior of Black Lives matter
When they remain silent
Do they really care about what’s happening?
People are dying!

Preachers and leaders must remain true
No matter the hue of the people in front of you
Never surrender to the crowd because your support might dwindled
We as leaders have been called to live and if necessary die
For a higher principal.

Preachers are needed like never before
To close the door to this hateful agenda
Instead we’ve allowed fear of the few to cause us to surrender
Our responsibility – irregardless if they look like you
Or sit in your pew

Silence is consent
To the detriment of all people
Such times demand bold a strong stance to
Confront this attack against our nation… under God
To burn and turn over cars
To throw rocks and burn entire blocks

Perhaps you are afraid of Black lives matter
They need and want your leadership more than ever
Your silence has you missing in action
It has close the door to them listening to sound reason
The relationship you have is nothing more than pretending
that you care about their soul
A true friend will tell the truth
I’m just saying…

I don’t see the connection
of authentic and deep trust with the people you say you lead.
They are people no worse or better
Who have the right to believe that their lives matter
They’re just looking for a way to weather this storm of injustice
and find peace
you have it
but your silence is worse than police brutality
Cause you killing your own people with crude passivity

I’m not against their rage
Indignation can be righteous indeed
I’m feeling their pain and see the need
I’m just wanting their methods to be more effective
Thinking they can do whatever will only ignite more violence
They only seem to burn our houses make difficult to bring peace
Their approach will not make a thing matter and what happens when they kill another police?
You going to say – it wasn’t one of us?
Maybe not but they still road on our bus and we didn’t even know it.

Fact is it isn’t costing you nothing
Or you’d definitely say something
Your silence is screaming louder than you can imagine
Because the people are watching and can tell you ain’t leading
Your silence is content to this wave of rage
That’s spreading and gaining momentum

Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do
Yea… that doesn’t apply to you or me cause we say we see!

Break your silence or the blood of many will be on your hands
I know you see there is a better plan

Forgive the rude and somewhat articulation of my frustration
I only want to see what I know only the preacher do
Love by deeds
Sowing seeds of hope
Examples of unity
This alone will save ours and our neighbors communities

Consent to Silence No More


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