Superficial Liberty



Superficial Liberty is like food that you feel in in your mouth
Yet no taste to satisfy the buds on your tongue with flavor and spice

It’s like you’re moving but never seem to arrive
Your liberty seems to evaporate a bit at a time

A liberty that’s accidental         Should be intentional
Revered, appreciate, defended and not taken for granted

Are we as a nation truly at liberty?
Or are we prisoners of pleasure
Hoarding up treasures
Always wanting perfect weather
Yelling at people “whatever”!
Just because you’re angry that your liberty
Isn’t working to make you happy

We want our food, to have fun with no need to worry
About the sickening void that makes our hearts heavy
Always seem to be stressing

We can’t wait to celebrate
Throw a party to simply escape
Eat our steaks that sizzle
While deep inside our soul we feel the gnawing conviction
That we are hypocritical and superficial

Possessions are a false worth
No matter how big your purse
America was founded not to only have a house on a lake
History tells us the pilgrims came to also worship
In freedom and liberty to express their faith

Such things are a blessing to possess
We must never think however they will give us the rest
for our weary souls our bored lives
Frustrated and undefined passions
that drive us to an early grave
with nothing more than a confession of faith
In God we say

The depth of our liberty has become a shallow hallow pit
that’s been reduce to no more than How we live and especially what we eat
No longer using liberty to pursue the why that calls to us
From within the depths of our souls.
Many of us haven’t even taken the time to know
What that even is

I compel you
Plead with you
Provoke you
To break away from the superficiality
That has created a false reality
Of which some lives we see displayed on tv for all to see
Most ending in tragedy

Possess your soul
Your mind
Your spirit
Embrace what’s real

Resist the temptation for things
Recapture the flame for your faith
Seek to advance things eternal
that shall have no end

The time
…Is short

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