The Narrative


It’s imperative that we follow the right narrative
That we refuse to get distracted from the facts
That project upon us truth
Though they be lies

We get lost in between the lines
Because we are all to often surprised with what’s happening
When we shouldn’t be
Jesus said it would come to pass this way
So why are we acting crazy

The narrative is a position of convictions
That are deeply embedded in our hearts
It’s the things that we believe are true
No matter how far we go to discover what we think we know

To hold to the narrative that will endure
One must be held by its author and creator
It’s not enough to think you understand it because you hear the words
You must be owned by it
Captured in imagination
Raptured you a deep commitment
Without it, you are subject to it’s controlling agenda

There are only two
One is true
One is lie
One will give life
The other will insure you die
The one who speak the truth is all that matters

He is giver of life
The author and the finisher
The mighty redeemer
No other narrative actually even matters

Align your mind
To the truth that’s living
It will speak through you
A narrative that is relevant
and final

The narrative I speak of is the only one
That has resurrecting power…

Our nation needs this narrative more than any other
It is the only one that can heal
Cause us to recover
Create a wholeness within the hearts
Open our eyes to behold the truth
and restart
This is the only narrative that will give The unites States of America a much needed rest

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