The Silent Knowing


We know when no one is around
When there is absence of sound
Because deep down inside conviction abounds telling us what is true
What we should do
Despite the contrary winds that seek to persuade us to yield to what we feel

There is a silent knowing of the truth
That convicts you
Demands of you though no one is talking
It testifies that God is aware
That he is near
That He cares

Yield America to the knowing that is speaking in each our souls
We need not hear sounds that make noise
There is a sound that is deeper still
It speaks
It reaches into the deepest corridors hidden yet real
Only accessible by God

May those who have ears to hear be resolved
To pay attention to His voice
Not heard by ears of flesh
Instead discern by open heart

This will heal the land
Give grace to forgive
Courage to withstand the hate
For the truth liberates
Love obligates us to showing by forgiving
This is the truth and the power of the Silent knowing.

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