We count to three for everything
Taking pictures or the pace to start a song to sing
Begin a race or make a point worth remembering
Three is more than two less than four but for some reason these numbers we ignore

Since three has captured our attention I want to use it to arrest your affection to give yourself to reflection three times a day.

Pray for hope to burst like a star with your heart to fuel your passion to achieve the impossible
To scale a defiant mountain

Pray for love to come upon your being
To redirect your thinking
Compel you to start giving it away in jars like cold sweet lemonade

Pray for unity
To return to the center of our communities
To eradicate hate and disharmony
That makes us phoney to ourselves
Then each other..

These are your three times a day prayers
I know it will work you closer to the Lord our God

1, 2, 3 –

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