Wealth, Poverty and Politics

What ingredients create systemic mind sets
What words control the narrative
What ideas herd the people into a zip code with noise orchestrated not to make sense?

Why in America is it like this?
When there is no chain around anyones neck
Shackles on ones feet
Not being forced to eat what you don’t want to eat
Yet people are screaming racism

Of course it’s there
Will always be
This is not heaven
It’s a fallen planet working out its salvation
For those who’ve been called, chosen and soon elevated

Slavery was an evil plan
Killed and maimed
Raped and pillaged minds and bodies
America built on black backs
(some where asians and yet most of them today are rich. Why’s that)

It’s not color or pigmentation
America is an organization
A structure and a system of more than just opinions
It’s policy, networks and crazy algorithms
People, parties controlled chaos
unless you pay attention to the right narrative
Who’s your boss

Wealth is more than money
It’s a funnel to keep it flowing in a certain direction
of people who are privileged
Privilege is not what you think or necessarily who you know
Nor is it determined by where or to whom you where born

It’s about distribution of solutions
Owning the blueprint
Creating with intent
Networking with happiness
Attracting people who like you
Avoiding souls who feed on the past
Of all that’s dead

Wealth is waiting for those who listen and pay attention
Knowing they can be adopted into it’s transition
It doesn’t care what color you are

Or you remain in a stagnate orientation of always complaining
Who told you who you are anyway
And how far you can run?
Who you can be
What you believe
When to achieve
How to dream

Poverty is liken unto an analogy of knowledge ignored
Libraries galor
Internet without limit to absorb understanding
But instead you’re playing another game on TV
And you’re thirty-three
Got nerves to jump on a bus to fuss on a street
Screaming that your black lazy life matters
Show me right where you stand that it does

Politics keeps it all legit so they say
Holding people hostage won’t let them breathe
Controlled by a narrative about chains
women being raped
and black men hanged
again and again
Can they think of another movie to produce instead
True that… tell the history
But for God sake think about your own story
Like did they die in vain
Only for you to complain about why they died
They be better honored if you thrived instead of just survive

Yea survive
Hired pipers who look like you
Are getting paid
To keep your mind deranged with what’s past
You know who they are
Always fussing and getting paid

Showing up after the black man is dead, done and in the morgue
Suing the city to get paid – Blood money is what it is – a dangerous game
They keep you there
Less you recognize that you are the you you want to be
Will it be wealth or poverty
the common or spirituality

it’s time for a shift to where wealth is
not where it’s promised
Or will you be the victim again played and made sick
With the controlling, deceptive methods of dumb and deceptive politics?

Not this year.
Lord help me!

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