A new theme of poetry starts today with William Owens

william-with-nice-smile-looking-upAs many of you know, I just finished writing a series of poem for 53 days consecutively that ended on the day of the elections. The first poem was, America is In Trouble and the last was, It is Finished.   It was my first time taking on such a vision and by God’s grace, it is accomplished!

I am now starting a new series of poem that actually begun today. The theme is Giving Thanks. This morning as I started my day the sun burst upon my face and I just realized regardless of how challenging things are in my life, there was so much to be thankful for.

Therefore as I begin this new journey during a time when thanks is actually a part of the season, I am asking those who have enjoyed these poems, simply share them with one person every time you read one.  Don’t just Facebook it – tell someone what it did for you and then send a link. You can read my first one written this morning called, Thanks.

Thank you and keep me in your prayers as I take on this new theme everyday until… yes you guessed it – Thanksgiving!

Until tomorrow’s new poem,

William Owens

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