America In Trouble



America is in trouble
Doubled over in pain
From the insane parcels of problems
That have rearranged our land

Disdainful debate replace the kind and respectful  conversations we use to have
It was okay to disagree
But we still together watched football on the big screen TV back in the day

Now the players refuse to stand for the country that gives them the freedom to play on the field of dreams
Getting paid to amaze their fans.
Living life grand unlike most of us
Who work hard to make ends meet day by day

Instead they choose to grandize what fractures us instead of discovering what could connect us in the end zone of hope on which the touchdown of love and the field goal of unity is made

There is a playbook that would show a strategy to stand and pledge for our country and take us all higher while making who ever lives they believe matter still matter – even more

Politicians are people like us
With motives and agendas
Except we scrutinize with a public eye
They get exposed live

We vote after our own hearts desire
Who can cast the first stone
We as Americans are humans
And have all lied, about to lie or are liars all the time
To ourselves the most
And yet we boast that this politician will lead us into bliss
So we kiss the hand
And make them our king or the first queen

America is in Trouble
Because we really believe that politics will save the day
Even dishonoring the USA

To the God of which our nation is under I say we pray for all lives and wounded hearts to be healed
Only then will this deep self inflicted  agonizing pain
That has America in Trouble and doubled over gradually go away
Giving way to the prophetic words of Martin Luther King
Let freedom ring
Let freedom ring

Should God show us mercy these days will pass
We then will also rejoice with King
Thank God  almighty
We are free at last

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