America’s Poetry Contest and Symposium

America’s Poetry Contest and The

Heal Our Land Symposium

America represents an endless platform of philosophical beliefs, political opinion and religious hopes all coupled with a history that encompasses both tragedy and triumph. No other art form captures this plethora of reality more than poetry.

With our nation in crises, from historic national debt to heated race relations and an increase in terrorism that is changing the way of the American life and life-style, there is a lot to discuss in order to resist a stealth and growing divide to bring destruction to our streets, our homes and our nation.

Merging the two platforms of poetry and a lively symposium is designed to allow poets who are gifted and enabled to think and express freely in art form. Poets can be both relevant and critical of the happenings around us without respect of persons and yet with the common aim of inspiring hope, love and unity.

The symposium allows a depth of discussion based on a commanding knowledge of the issues and the facts to present it in engaging fashion with the end game to be solid solutions.

Both stages represent African American, Hispanics, Asians and Whites. To bring their best and discuss and compete in an atmosphere that makes us all equal as Americans.

Poetry performances fall into 4 categories.

  • Open Mic
  • Poetry Slam
  • Poetry In Motion
  • Team Poetry (team consist of 3)

Registration donation is $20 per poet

First and second prize for each category will be announced soon.

Other gifts will be also included based on sponsorships.


Symposium guest are invited by invitation only. If you would like to recommend a person, please contact us here.


Suggested donations to attend is $15.00 per person or $35 for ticket, food and fellowship event.