There are bumps not only on the road in which I drive
But bumps in certain areas of my life
They serve to remind me
How much of others I need
Of God especially

Some bumps make me bleed
make me cry
Ask questions as to why
Where, how, who
Even what do I do… Now

Bumps can come from neglect of our own
Bumps can even be the cause of others soul
Can’t always know when or why
They just arrive and stop you in your stride

Yet bumps are critical to correcting
Even sometimes protecting us from going to fast
Make us to slow down and focus
On what is really there
Less we keep the press and eventually create a mess

Reflect carefully
Breathe deeply
The bump is there for a reason
Let it work God’s purpose in your life
and even In our nation

Should we endure, it will bring a new found freedom and a authentic liberation.

All this from a bumpbumps

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