Deep Chocolate

My sister had a surprise for me today. She had me over for Dinner with her family and my mom. After we ate, she brought out this chocolate fudge cake and they sung happy birthday to me. Even though my birthday was in May, she wanted to make this up to me.

When I attempted to take a power nap before my second phase of work, I could sleep and started to think about what my poem would be today. After eating the cake, chocolate was still on my mind.

Here you go.

I have 42 more days of new poems to go.

Deep Chocolate is a commitment
To a succulent experience that satisfies
A part of the soul that words fail to expose

It is a experience of emotions that raptures the senses
Exceeds expectations beyond reason
Sending pleasure to places not quite understood
And yet it’s all good

Of goodness
Waves of darkness
Compels a full commitment
No room for regret
Not for the timid
To go deeply to where
Only chocolate can take you

We as a nation should have this experience
By declaring a chocolate day to remind us that
There is delight when we commit
To the deep rich and creamy goodness of our nation
That no matter the faults misdirection and wrong decisions of the past
We are yet rich
None can compete
Our nation is yet under God
And like chocolate
We are loved
And enjoyed

Roll your eyes and take another bite
There is no delight in the world like the USA.

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