I’m drafted…

In the midst of the many idols that capture our passions, I’m quickened by the Lord with a poem that reminds us that we have been drafted into an eternal purpose and warfare that is not a game (NBA) but truly real beyond what the eye can see.  May we guard our hearts from being distracted from this truth and our calling.


I’ve been drafted into an eternal warfare

Where it is not a game

It is a realm of battles

For souls

For rewards that fadeth not away

I’ve been drafted into the beloved bosom of God

Not merely a temporal thing

Nor settling for the accolades of men


The honor

The glory that will be revealed

I have been bought with a price that is beyond this world

Not tossing a mere ball through hoops

I am striving for a prize which will endure throughout all time

Where angels will be judged by me

Where I will fellowship with God Himself throughout eternity

I’ve been drafted into the everlasting family of God

I am humbled

I am grateful

I am yielding more and more of my life

Preparing myself to inherit the prize


Don’t distract me…

I’ve been drafted

Soon to make my transition into paradise

The night is coming

When no man can work

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