I’m Tired

I’m tired of the pain I see on the faces of people
Who’ve been deceived by the rhetoric of the elitist
Dumb down by the tolerance of evil
Pillaged by economic manipulation
Drain from unnatural laws that are evil
I’m just tired

Seeing with eyes and grieved in heart
I’ve witnessed the atrocities of wreckless lies
Damage precious lives
Deceive the simple people amongst us who need our protection
Depend on upright and genuine direction that leads us all to search out the truth.

I’m just tired

…to tired to even finish this


But Grace!
Gives me hope that makes me not ashamed.
Gives me resolve to stay in the race
Gives me a shield to quinch every firey flame sent to destroy my faith

As I yield and rest in Him with no need to perform ot dabble in sin
I am promised to win
Receive stregnth to mount up on wings like eagles
And get busy for the King

Where will America then stand.

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