Implicit Trust

My heart shakes at the prospect of trusting you without a net
To give you all the things that I hoard inside my soul because deep inside I’m afraid of letting go
Thinking that holding on makes me safe
I’ve yielded to a false narrative
Now I’m paralyzed with a fear that lives somewhere in my head

Rather than trust you I chose to evade
Evade your love
Evade your care
Evade you with religious excuses while yet praising your name

You are calling me with loving cord strings to implicit trust
To press beyond the stuff
I’ve allowed to become embedded in my thoughts
Clouding my heart from walking in child like faith

There is a new place I have not seen
Words I have not heard
Experiences I’ve not had
Because I refuse to remove the net
To implicitly trust in your name

Implicit Trust
Brings rest
Allows vision to become clear
Boldness to arise in my heart
To speak forth truth without fear
To love and be loved without limit
Or resistance

Implicit Trust
Breaks forth in a new song
Dances a new dance
Makes loud the beat on the drum
makes me transform into the person you’ve purposed me to be and to become
Loving people and being loved

I will arise to this place
I will embrace your love
I will be the child of the highest without reservation
No need of explanation
In constant amazement
Of my heart
My purpose
The help of my nation

Without hesitation
With praise and adoration
Upon your love I do thrust myself
I do so day by day moment by moment
In a open heart of filled with joy and implicit trust

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