My whole heart

I do give my whole heart
It’s the only way to live and therefore to love
To thrive with no fear or regret
Accepting the grace I must have to live with myself
no matter where I’m at or who gets me
Even rejects me
It’s okay

I will yet love myself and others
For it covers all our faults and restores us each morning
To start again with a determination to win

This demands all of me
Beyond the me that I see, that I feel
Even beyond what the me in me believes
Belief rooted in anxieties forged from someone else’s story
Instead of giving glory to God

The nation in which I live must reset and give
Give not riches that fade away that add no sunshine to ones day
She must find her heart and begin to discover again what she’s lost
…Her faith in God

Say what you will
Argue what you want
It would never be like this if we didn’t put God out of schools

Should our hearts go astray be polluted by envy and the attributes of carnal pleasures, it will eventually die

The only safe place for our heart
The only hope for our nation
Is to give our whole heart back to God

We will then find contentment
and rest for our weary souls confused minds…

My whole Heart Oh God
I give
I give
to thee alone

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