Poets for America is calling all poets and authors to a poetry jam and symposium. A constructive debate on the racial conflict in America and how to better deal with it.

Memphis, TN, September 22, 2016 – Local Poet and Author William Owens is on a mission to use poetry and the open mic to challenge communities to think how they can inspire words of hope, love and unity.

Owens states, I believe Black Lives Matter is missing a huge opportunity in not only leading in awareness of injustice, but also be the catalyst for healing for all Americans.

Owens is the author of 8 books with his latest his first book of poetry entitled, Naked Before God – Words that Express My Heart. Born and raised in Memphis, and a graduate of Whitehaven High School, he is writing a new poem every day that captures the power of hope, love and unity. He performs them on video as well as reads them to people on the street and record their responses as well. The poems are then posted on the website. He is challenging other poets to do the same.

On Sunday October 16, starting at 3:00PM, Poets for America, founded by Owens, will sponsor an open mic symposium in which members from different viewpoints will be invited to discourse through poetry and spoken word. It is designed to create a platform in which a serious yet peaceful effort is made to bring issues to the forefront of our communities and discover how we can improve our efforts for change without the violence.

The Poetic Symposium is being held at The Caritas Village located at 2509 Harvard Ave. in Memphis, TN. Owner Onie Johns states her vision has always been to to create racial harmony throughout the city.  While the event is open to the public a contribution will be taken in advance or at the door. The winning performance will receive $100 in cash. Judges will be part of the audience and other selected individuals.

Owens believes this symposium is critical as we witness more violence, more deaths and less engagement from leaders within the community. Both community and church leaders have been too silent at such a historic time in which their leadership is needed. Marin Luther King said, In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Owens expresses this sentiment in his latest poem, Silence is Consent. It can be read at   Poets who want to participate can find the rules and register at

Poets for America – Speaking words of hope, love and unity throughout America

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