Oh God


I’m screaming His name
when I think I’m loosing control
Feel threaten, agitated
It could be that I’m elated

No matter what state I’m in
I simply think of Him
I center my affections
Whether because of acceptance or rejection
I give Him praise
He’s the beginning of Days
The end of everything

Oh God I exclaim
Oh God I exclaim

For you are my God
The God of this nation
The God of every nation
Regardless of man

Man that you made
in the image of yourself
It’s why we can’t help but call your name
Whether in reverence or in vain…

We cry Oh God.

Answer us back in kindness
Remove the blindness
Fill the depth of our void
Silence the deafening noise

As we cry in our despair
To the one who resides above the galaxies and the stars
In the heavens of the heaven
Hear our cry,
Oh God

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