Poetry Contest Rules

Please read the rules carefully and be prepared to follow them or you could be disqualified


  1. NO PROFANITY. An exception of this is the use of the word “dam” within the context of it’s true meaning, but not within a profane one.
  2. All poetry must include the theme of hope, love and unity. It does not have to include all the words, however the essence of the poem must convey this.
  3. All read poems must be written by the poet.
  4. Poems can be read with deduction of poems. They do not have to be memorized.
  5. Each performance is allotted 4 minutes.
  6. Youngest age is 15 (there is no special category for ages)

Judging process

  • 5-guest on the symposium panel will be vote with a number of 1-10. The lowest two numbers will be dropped and the top 3 numbers will be added for a total.
  • The audience will vote with the measure of snaps being weighed by the moderator. The audience vote is worth double which could in essence give the poet the potential to win.
  • There will be 3 spots available for the final.  Spots are determined by the 3 highest scores. Poets are eliminated when a poet receives a higher score.
  • The remaining three poets will then compete for the first prize.
  • Poets can read the same poem or present a new one.

The winner and runner up are invited to compete in Washington, DC during our national finals in Summer of 2017!