Prayer As An American

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Prayer is the hearts cry
For an honest desire in wanting to know why
To grasp the significance for so much pain

To press pass the insane battles of our day and of our lives
To melt away the anxieties that paralyze our smile
Turning it into an angry frown that’s upside down
We as Americans don’t really pray

We just complain to God about not having our way
To pray is to ask the God – under which this nation stands –
What He wants with you – what’s His plan

Only then can you humbly pray to discover the wisdom of His ways and the courage fulfill His will and simply obey
Remember, you are a child of God and a citizen of His Kingdom, a pilgrim passing through
Set your affections on things above
Fan into flames your first love

And your prayers as an American will revolve around His Kingdom
Pray… again

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