Oh as the sun burst forth upon my face
As I arise to begin a brand new day
With many thoughts running through the caves of my mind
I’m reminded of His grace
Of His favor
Of His indiscribable love
Towards me
For me
Upon me
Yet time… is for now

The rays of the sun are speaking lovingly to my soul
As it gently kisses my face




My tears testify of this
Cause I just can’t make sense
Of all that which is happening to me
Some bitter mostly sweet
Actually it’s the other way around to be honest

I’m yet resting in Him
Giving thanks and saying Amen
As I refuse to complain
Of the trouble
The disappointment
The pain
The rejection of those called my friends
Infection of religion
Lies of ideologies

They promised to deliver me
Yet failed to follow through
I was wrong to think they should or even could

I am yet here
My Thanks to Him who alone is the real real
Gripping my heart
With assurance not found within man to give
No matter how tall, wide or high they might be
Matters not to me.

My issues are within
Can only be touched by His divine Hand
It will be that hand that I give thanks to
It has the nail scars as its proof

Jesus… again I say from every fiber that hold me together to and through my DNA that you made
My free will that makes me like you
It is to you alone that I give Thanks to

My God
My Father who art in heaven
Hollowed be thy name
Again… I say and give you Thanks!

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