The American Man

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The American man has been faking
His existence
Trying to experience
What he’s thinking
Deep inside he’s trapped with
Unfulfilled expectations
Spending His life trying to explain
As to why or to justify
That he’s not living his passion

Instead he’s mastered just making a living
A prisoner of things temporal
A false flash of satisfaction
That drains the American man’s soul empty
every 16 hours
Sleep about 8 then start over when he awakes

Some have authority as a cover up for their hypocrisy
Flash a badge, hold a office, some even pastor
Got a gun to demand respect
So the law gives you that….
I pray to God you use it right

Others are outlaws
Bent on a free fall way of living
Simply rebelling
Against the grain
Because of the strain of life
No reprise
To reset
Only regret gone wild

All the while most men driving what they don’t own
Going to work
Saying hi yet alone
At home he’s in a zone
Afraid to really expose his heart to the one he says he loves
Hoping deeply that she loves him in return
Besides all this He must recognize it begins with him
The value he has of himself
Regardless of what he or she might say
It goes both ways at the end of the day

The man in you will one day die
But you have opted to live like you’re paralyzed
You over analyze
Rationalized away
The vision you have burning inside

Trapped in a matrix
Where everything is fixed
Told when to awake
and when to go to bed
What to eat
Remain neat
You know there’s more
Your soul is telling you so
You instead choose to again ignore
To your heart you close the door

We wonder why our nation is become dry
With aimless pursuits
Lost identity to where the man no longer is relevant
The family being redefined
Become sublime
To a narrative that in time will prove was not right
For the entire nation – not the individual – to be defined
It was an attack on the man
Must be the plan
To redefine our land of the free
and the home of the brave
Men these days have become cowards
afraid to speak truth to power

The most endangers species
Had better fight for his identity
Without the man taking a stand
It will be the end of our America
We say we love so dearly

Man – hear what I say
Regardless of your color
whoever or whatever
Take your place
Be fearless
Your country cannot be
Without you being true
To yourself
You are the core foundation on which this nation stands
Yore are The American Man



Note – please notify me of any needed corrections. I’m writing a poem everyday until the elections. 

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