The Field of Blood


Precious ones are no more
Their souls have been transported into the bosom of God
Behind their bodies are found in the field of blood

Paid for by a ransom of betrayal of those closes to them
Of those through whom they came
Of those who disattched their limbs, remove their feet and then their hands
They felt the incomprehensible pain
With no where to run
Their voice cannot plead for their hope to live
To take their first breath
To feed off their mother’s breast

Blood spilled upon the fields
Purchased by the ransom given to those who betrayed the gift they were made to be to us

Instead they were removed by violence without notice
From the safest place – that it should be – the womb of mother- a divine cover
Protected with the strength of their father
Even animals defend their own and yet they have no soul

How could we – made in His image
Yield to such violence
Execute one made in His image
With a touch of our DNA

Thirty pieces of silver
For a life of pleasure
A betrayal of our own selves
For the convenience to not to be bothered

Compromise for reasons that cannot endure the judgment that shall come
This is nothing but predetermined murder

From this field
little souls shall arise
Be joined with their new bodies in the sky
Tears wiped from their eyes

You who have committed this act of treason and betrayal
Can be forgiven should you ask
Be restored by His grace
Met your little one in paradise
As they arise
from the field of Blood

They are complete and in His presence
Soon to be given a resurrection from the wreched field of blood
They will be restored as they enter into the blessed hope of eternal life

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