The Finish Line

 In A Poem A Day till the Elections

As I press through the line that was set before time for me
I do so with the prize in mind
Without guilt or regret
No blame
Or shame
Just a determined heart to to say it is finished

It started at conception
However it was before that as a reflection in the mind of God
Who ends all things but also starts them

Only He can say it is finished
As I strive to complete what I see in my spirit
The turmoil of suffering
Of being alone
On the verge of losing my mind
Because the devil wants to destroy who I am before I cross that line

I know perhaps this truth can’t be grasp by those who’ve compromised themselves with a lie
And have blurred their finish line
Not I
I must remain sober
Let my chin shake beneath
The pressure
Shed a tear if I have to
It’s okay

I will arise to embrace my destiny that awaits me.
when I’m through I will hear God say we’ll done

Then I’ll say, it is finished!

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