Slide POETS FOR AMERICA Poems That Inspire Americans Towards Hope, Love & Unity From Poets Throughout America Your words can bring healing to the heart of Americans! Get a seat on the Poets for America Bus!


Poets For America in Action – Beale Street, Memphis, TN

Spiritual Reality

God is calling us out of the temporal realm of life that is limited. He wants us to step into the reality of the spiritual and break forth into fulfilling His will for our lives.


America is at a major cross road. We have never been here. The reason is because we have allowed the culture to define us and have not remained true to who God made the ME to be that matters. When we are truly me, the we will manifest beautifully..

Extravagant Passion

Nothing comes close to living in the fire of God’s will. Neither will anything experience cost you more. Americans are simply bored with life and the promise of success has failed. Christians are comfortable and complacent and are tired of “going to church to perch”. ¬†This poem will grip you!