In the midst of the storm that whirls around your heart
Agitates your brain
Pushes you to insane places of imaginations
That tempt you to be afraid….
Simply wait.

Be still
in the midst of the impossibility that threatens you
To change your position of faith
You must simply be still
Even in the face of an impending threat
That wants you to retreat in defeat

Cast the imagination down
That is simply wanting to drag you around
To a no where that fears you of being now here
Where God is
Bringing to pass His promise
Made to you before the foundations
Where established

You must wait

Waiting is trusting
The deepest witness of loving
The one who loves you perfectly
He is working
in your waiting
The train is coming
To take you to a place
That has not entered your mind

Waiting is a potent form of doing
For you are preparing to receive the promise
Possessing your soul in deep contemplation
Waiting is seasoning your heart to be imparted upon
The will of heaven

Even if death tells you not to
He has the keys
Does what He pleases
in the time that He has decreed before time became
Your waiting will not be in vain

The people who love this nation
Who pray for her deliverance
Must wait…. not to much longer
The redeemer is coming
A new thing will happen
As you wait in joyful anticipation of steadfast faith

I say to you to WAIT…

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