We have WORDS of Life through Christ – Speak them

As believers in Christ, we have the words of life within us – because the WORD Himself lives in us. Never before in the history of America, do we, as Christians have the blessed opportunity to allow these words to come forth. Truth comes by and only through Jesus Christ. This means we do not curse the darkness, we anticipate it, we walk into it and we speak life! When we do, the light of Christ appears. That light might not be what we want it to be, might not look like we think it should, nor will we necessarily “feel it”. But it is there.  We are commissioned to speak truth in good seasons and in bad. To be faithful in being a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ regardless of the price.

Jesus said, the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

The spoken word of poetry is a method of delivering such words.  We go to church and hear the preacher preach and the choir sing. They both use words. There is also another form of declaring the word. Poetry.  Poetry is a form of expression no different from talking or singing. Except it takes words, rhythms and ideas that are simple and sometimes very abstract and delivers it without bias. This allows the “poet” to not concern themselves with who will read it. They remain true to themselves, their convictions and their style. By doing so, it will connect with those who hear it in a way that is different to each person. Just as a song or a sermon.

This art form belongs to God for He is the giver of it and I encourage you to celebrate the poets who are believers around you. We have a message that will touch you deeply in a way that only a poetic expression of truth can.


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